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Focus on writing good documentation.

Just the Docs gives your documentation a jumpstart with a responsive Jekyll theme that is easily customizable and hosted on GitHub Pages.

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New: version 0.4.0.rc1 has just been released! See the changelog for a detailed breakdown!

Getting started


Just the Docs is built for Jekyll, a static site generator. View the Jekyll quick start guide for more information. Just the Docs requires no special plugins and can run on GitHub Pages’ standard Jekyll compiler. The Jekyll SEO Tag plugin is included by default (no need to run any special installation) to inject SEO and open graph metadata on docs pages. For information on how to configure SEO and open graph metadata visit the Jekyll SEO Tag usage guide.

Quick start: Use as a GitHub Pages remote theme

  1. Add Just the Docs to your Jekyll site’s _config.yml as a remote theme
remote_theme: just-the-docs/just-the-docs

You must have GitHub Pages enabled on your repo, one or more Markdown files, and a _config.yml file. See an example repository

Local installation: Use the gem-based theme

  1. Install the Ruby Gem
      $ gem install just-the-docs
      # .. or add it to your Jekyll site’s Gemfile
      gem "just-the-docs"
  2. Add Just the Docs to your Jekyll site’s _config.yml
      theme: "just-the-docs"
  3. Optional: Initialize search data (creates search-data.json)
      $ bundle exec just-the-docs rake search:init
  4. Run your local Jekyll server
      $ jekyll serve
      # .. or if you're using a Gemfile (bundler)
      $ bundle exec jekyll serve
  5. Point your web browser to http://localhost:4000

If you’re hosting your site on GitHub Pages, set up GitHub Pages and Jekyll locally so that you can more easily work in your development environment.

Configure Just the Docs

About the project

Just the Docs is © 2017-2022 by Patrick Marsceill.


Just the Docs is distributed by an MIT license.


When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue, email, or any other method with the owners of this repository before making a change. Read more about becoming a contributor in our GitHub repo.

Code of Conduct

Just the Docs is committed to fostering a welcoming community.

View our Code of Conduct on our GitHub repository.

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