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Table of contents

  1. Basic button styles
    1. Links that look like buttons
    2. Button element
  2. Using utilities with buttons
    1. Button size
    2. Spacing between buttons

Basic button styles

[Link button]({: .btn }

[Link button]({: .btn .btn-purple }
[Link button]({: .btn .btn-blue }
[Link button]({: .btn .btn-green }

[Link button]({: .btn .btn-outline }

Button element

GitHub Flavored Markdown does not support the button element, so you’ll have to use inline HTML for this:

<button type="button" name="button" class="btn">Button element</button>

Using utilities with buttons

Button size

Wrap the button in a container that uses the font-size utility classes to scale buttons:

<span class="fs-8">
[Link button]({: .btn }

<span class="fs-3">
[Tiny ass button]({: .btn }

Spacing between buttons

Use the margin utility classes to add spacing between two buttons in the same block.

[Button with space]({: .btn .btn-purple .mr-2 }
[Button]({: .btn .btn-blue }

[Button with more space]({: .btn .btn-green .mr-4 }
[Button]({: .btn .btn-blue }